Our Story

New Earth Garden was born from a love from the Earth and a passion for helping our families, friends and neighbors live healthier, happier lives. We have witnessed first-hand the benefits that can be achieved by living in closer harmony with nature. A life free from irritating chemicals. A life that nourishes. We believe in providing you with hemp/CBD products that are sustainably produced, safe for you and safe for the planet we live on. 

We’ve made it easy to find hemp/CBD products suited for your needs and we offer a broad range of specially selected eco-friendly, sustainable and/or natural hemp/CBD products tailored to a healthy lifestyle.

Our specially selected hemp/CBD manufacturers process hemp plants from American farms and use superior testing protocols and product quality controls. We promise you our products are second-to-none and meet our strict guidelines for sustainable production.

We know that some people are looking for improvements to their overall wellness routine. Daily use of hemp/CBD oils, capsules and topicals may offer delicate but profound outcomes on the human body.  Take a daily dose of one of our natural products made from hemp/CBD and help your body perform at its best.

Each of our hemp/CBD products come with a description of the anticipated benefits, so be sure you check out those details!

Check back soon as we add more hemp/CBD products supporting large and small animals, sustainable building materials, textiles made from hemp and much more!

Invest in your health, our Earth, and our future by living a more natural and sustainable life!