What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in fruits, flowers, and all herbs including hemp. They are a common element in many of our hemp products.

These compounds are responsible for the distinct aroma and character of the herb. You’ve almost certainly peeled an orange and enjoyed the fresh, citrusy scent the spray creates. Or perhaps you’re familiar with popping the cap off a jar of oregano and breathing in while you’re cooking spaghetti sauce. In both cases, you were experiencing terpenes. These molecules love to rush up into the air from wherever they’re stored. That also means that any fruit, herb, or flower that has them tends to lose them over time. Make sure you keep your hemp products sealed and covered when not in use, as this will prevent the terpenes from escaping.


The entourage effect refers to a synergy of terpenes and cannabinoids in the human body. It’s believed that these aromatic compounds support and enhance the work hemp does in your system. This makes sense if you think about it. After all, no single hemp compound is isolated and by itself in nature. It’s surrounded by over a hundred other cannabinoids and countless other hemp compounds including terpenes.


The short answer is yes! There are terpenes in New Earth Garden hemp oils.

If terpenes are important to you, choose our full-spectrum or broad-spectrum hemp products. Please note however that these flavorful compounds are so powerful that even very small amounts are enough to generate a full flavor and aroma. As such, they may not always show up on lab reports even though they are present.

New Earth Garden hemp oils are original blends of cannabinoids, terpenes, hemp and sunflower seed oil, and MCT oil. They’re designed to offer you better absorption and a warm, sweet taste. They’re made by our team of pharmacists with the guiding vision of our co-founder, a licensed compounding pharmacist.

New Earth Garden Full-spectrum hemp oils are made with terpenes.

This is true whether you are using our mild full-spectrum hemp oil, moderate full-spectrum hemp oil, or mighty full-spectrum hemp oil.

New Earth Garden Broad-spectrum hemp oils are made with terpenes

Again, this is true no matter which strength or flavor you buy, whether you’ve got mild strength hemp oil, moderate strength hemp or mighty strength broad-spectrum hemp oil.

Our flavored broad-spectrum hemp oils are made with terpenes too.

Try Apple Kiwi Bliss Hemp oil in mild strength, Apple Kiwi Bliss Hemp oil in moderate strength, Apple Kiwi Bliss hemp oil in mighty strength. Same with our Mint Breeze hemp oil mild  strength, Mint Breeze hemp oil moderate strength, Mint Breeze hemp oil in mighty strength.


Pairing hemp extracts with bath bombs and essential oils is a natural fit. The spa products in our indulgence line are so fragrant partly because they are made with terpene-rich plant essences.


Our lavender Hemp essential oils and bath bombs are both rich with the terpene linalool. We named our lavender products Peace because people have enjoyed tranquility from fresh lavender flowers, extracts, oils, and so on for centuries. Lavender brings a sense of peace and smells wonderful partly thanks to linalool.


Eucalyptus has a wonderful terpene profile made up of many different terpenes (and some pretty unpronounceable molecules). The experience created by this broad terpene profile is one of relaxation. Breathe deeply of New Earth Garden Eucalyptus Hemp essential oils or sink into a full bath of relaxation with our Eucalyptus Hemp bath bombs


New Earth Garden sells hemp bath bombs and hemp essential oils of the same peppermint and lemon profile. Both of these have a cool, refreshing terpene many people have heard of: menthol! The lemon scent comes from the appropriately named terpene limonene. This invigorating combination of fresh scents is why we named our peppermint & lemon hemp bath bomb and oil ‘Refresh.’


Ylang Ylang tree oil comes from a plant with an incredibly diverse terpene profile, almost too many to list. In addition to ones we’ve named like linalool, ylang-ylang tree oil has a terpene called pinene which is a bit like the fresh scent of an evergreen forest. Our Ylang Ylang Hemp bath bombs have the unique scent that this naturally-occurring blend of terpenes produces. We named our Ylang Ylang hemp products Unwind because traditionally, ylang ylang is used to help you decompress.


New Earth Garden Uplift Hemp bath bombs is freshly scented partly because of the presence of d-limonene, a terpene that’s similar to the one we talked about for lemon. This makes sense if you think about it! We call this scent combination of citrus and lavender Uplift because it’s designed to make your spirits soar.

And don’t forget to check out our full indulgence line for dual packs of hemp bath bombs with terpenes, too.


We’re still learning new things about hemp plants every day. Experts say that the upper leaves of hemp plants give off citrusy terpenes like limonene as a sort of natural insect repellant. Meanwhile, the lower parts of the plant tend to produce bitter, rooty-er terpenes that burrowing insects may find unpalatable. These natural compounds may be part of a hemp plant’s defense mechanisms. Not all hemp plants have the same terpene profiles. You may be familiar with the names of certain cannabis strains like Sour Diesel or Blueberry OG. These are named for the fruity scent they give off, and the flavors they remind people of respectively.